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About Us

Helping dogs and owners grow their bond through kindness & trust one paw a time

Welcome to Marvelous Canines - located in the East end of Ottawa. We are a local business owned by Cassandra Boyer, professional dog trainer and behaviour consultant. We use LIMA (least intrusive minimally invasive) training methods along with positive reinforcement and free shaping. 


Here at Marvelous Canines we offer dog training, dog walking, dog sitting, nails trims, and more for all dogs of any age and breed. We have a variety of different programs to suit each individual and their dogs; from private in-home training sessions, a walk and train program, and board and trains. Each dog has individual needs and we strive to accommodate every dog and handler with the tools and program that is best suited for them.

Marvelous Canines uses scientifically proven training methods to help create clear communication between the dog and their handler. Our main goal is to help dogs and owners grow their bond through kindness and trust. We focus on relationship building and clear communication to make learning fun and positive while achieving great milestones. We strive to set every client up for success and help them build the dog of their dreams!


We ensure our clients are knowledgable in dog psychology so that they understand why dogs do what they do, how to overcome unwanted behaviours, the importance of a solid relationship with their dog and more! There is always a reason behind every dog behaviour, not only do we address these behaviours but we look for the root of the problem, address the dog's emotion and rehabilitate so your dog comes out of this stronger than ever.

Cassandra Boyer - Owner & Head Trainer

Cassandra Boyer is the owner and head trainer at Marvelous Canines. 


Cassandra grew up around dogs and many other animals all her life and knew from a young age that her dream was to work with dogs and start her own dog training company. She began walking neighbourhood dogs from a young age, shadowing experienced trainers as young as 14 years old and training every dog she could get her hands on. Cassandra has been in the animal care and training industry for over 8 years now, earning multiple sports and working titles with her own dogs.


Cassandra earned her professional dog trainer certificate from Good Dog Academy, took service dog training courses from Service Dog Training Institute and is currently working towards getting her CCPDT-KA certification. Cassandra is an active member of the Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers (CAPDT) and part of the CAPDT service dog division where she works alongside other Canadian service dog trainers. She continues to expand her knowledge by attending seminars, research, and online courses.

Cassandra specializes in behaviour modification training. She has always been passionate working with dogs who were misunderstood but her desire to work with these dogs began the day she started volunteering with shelter dogs. Cassandra is an active member of the community, volunteering and working with shelters, rescues and veterinarians, providing assessments and rehabilitating dogs who are up for adoption. She strives to create a safe learning environment and teach owners how to understand their dogs from the emotion, the body language and why the dog is displaying certain behaviours. Cassandra has successfully rehabilitated dogs who were deemed "un-fixable".  Her goal is to create clear communication, guidance and a strong relationship between her clients and their dogs. Cassandra is patient, understanding and loves nothing more than to see her clients and their dogs thrive together!


Cassandra also provides many other training services such as service dog training (psychiatric, medical alert, light mobility/assistance), basic to advanced obedience, off leash reliability, leash manners and more. Cassandra modifies and adjust every training curriculum to fit each individual dog and handler to meet their needs and set them up for success in the long term, and she has a great track record of doing exactly that!


Lauren Ebdon - Trainer 

Lauren is the newest member of Marvelous Canines. She offers basic, intermediate, and advanced obedience training along with off leash reliability and leash manners. 

Lauren has always had a passion for dog training, including training family pets from a young age. Ever since she was young, it has been her goal to work with dogs and she has spent years working toward achieving that goal. Lauren has spent all of her free time since she was young learning about dogs and their behaviour in order to work towards her dream of training. 

Lauren began her professional training journey with a local dog training school, where she learned the basics of dog training, shadowed their head trainer, and had the privilege of training many dogs and helping owners with a variety of challenges. She has experience teaching group classes as well as private one-on-one lessons. Lauren has since wanted to expand her knowledge and experience and as such applied for the dog trainer position with Marvelous Canines. She shadowed the owner and head trainer Cassandra in lessons and will be doing a shadow-trainer program in the summer. Lauren strives to set every dog and owner up for success by addressing the individual needs of dogs and their owners based on lifestyle and personal goals. 

Lauren's training curriculums are designed to teach dogs practical tasks that will make the owners day to day lives easier, and therefor increase the bond between dog and owner. Her curriculums are designed to provide the structure needed for puppies and dogs. She also offers modified versions of her curriculum to ensure the individuality of every family is accounted for. Lauren’s goal is to make sure all of her clients and their dogs are happy and have a strong and one-of-a-kind connection.

Lauren also provides other services such as board and trains, boarding, and walks.

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