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Service Dog Training

Providing Everything You Need

Marvelous Canines has been offering service dog training in the Ottawa, Ontario area for the past three years. Our trainer specialize in psychiatric and medical alert service dogs.


We offer an amazing program for those who want to owner-train their service dogs with the help and guidance from a professional trainer.


Marvelous Canines follows the recommendations from the Canadian Association of Service Dog Trainers Bechmark Interium in order to provide a complete and excellent training program for our clients and their service dog prospects and service dogs in training.


Temperament Assessment Test

Our temperament assessment test evaluates the dog to ensure they have the right temperament to become a service dog prospect. It is important to understand that there is always the chance that despite this test being done, that your prospect may not make it as a service dog. The test simply helps us determine which puppy from the litter has the most potential for the job.

1 hour / $100 + HST

Obedience Training

The first step towards your prospects training will be completing basic, intermediate, and advanced obedience training. Our training programs are done in private sessions in your home, outdoors, in pet friendly stores, etc. We will also be giving you the tools on how to properly socialize your puppy and expose them to different things that will help them in the long run.

Bundles of four private lessons / $400 + HST


Transitional Period Training Program

The Transitional Training Program is for dogs who have successfully completed the above temperament evaluation and obedience programs. These dogs will now be starting their service dog in training journey where they will get to train in a variety of different settings in pet-friendly places. We will be practicing obedience in distracting environments and begin learning important public access skills.

Bundles of four private lessons / $480 + HST

 Manners Evaluation

The Manners Evaluation is taken once the trainer believes the dog is ready to move on to the Public Access Training Program.


This evaluation will help determine if the dog is ready for public non-pet friendly places or should continue training in pet friendly places.


If the dog does not pass the Manners Evaluation, the team will go back to the Transitional Training Program until the dog is able to re-do the evaluation and successfully pass it.

Evaluation / 120$ + HST


Public Access Training Program

The Public Access Training Program is for teams who have passed the Manners Evaluation and are ready to move on to training in public non-pet friendly places. The dog will be exposed and trained to situations and environments they may encounter while out and about with their handler.

Bundles of four private lessons / $480 + HST

Task Training Program

The task training program begins once the dog has passed all above programs. Tasks are trained to help mitigate a handler's disability.


We have a list of tasks which is provided to clients for them to go through so they can determine which tasks may be useful to them.

Bundles of four private lessons / $480 + HST


Public Access Test (PAT)

The final step in our service dog program is the public access test (PAT). This evaluation puts everything we have worked on in the previous programs to the test to ensure your dog is ready to tackle everything that is expected of a service dog. This test must be renewed once a year in order for us to ensure your dog’s training has been kept up with, your dog is not a danger to the public, your dog continues to work well with you, your dog is still behaving as a service dog should, etc.

We require all service dog teams to renew their certification once a year to ensure the service dog is still performing appropriately, is healthy enough to continue working and capable to work in public. 

Please note, this test is not required under the AODA but is required as part of our program.

Evaluation / $150 + HST

Re-Certification / 110$ + HST

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