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Meet Our Pet Sitters

Our amazing team of pet sitters are ready to care for your pets and treat them as their own!

Sarah has been part of the Marvelous Canines team since August 2020. She is dedicated, reliable, and passionate about working with all animals.


Sarah works full time in a veterinary hospital as a veterinary assistant and volunteers for multiple registered charity cat rescues in the Ottawa area. She has experience with newborn kittens to feral cats who have never been handled. Sarah brings alot of experience with cats to the table and we are grateful to have her part of the team.


On top of her experience and love for cats she has experience with reactive and fearful dogs which she has gained by owning her rescue dog. 

Sarah offers drop-in visits, in-home pet sitting and cat nail trims.


Genevieve has been part of the Marvelous Canines team since October 2021. She is patient, calm and loving towards all of the dogs she has worked with and the dogs love her right back!

Genevieve is a University student studying in biochemistry and enjoys outdoor adventures, reading, going for walks and runs with her dog, and cuddling with her cats in her spare time. She is experienced with walking reactive dogs and anxious/fearful dogs and cats.


Genevieve offers drop-in visits, in-home pet sitting, and occasional dog boarding in her home.

Sebastien has been part of the Marvelous Canines team since July 2020. His love for animals shows through the amazing work he does for the company. He is kind, reliable, and is a natural when it comes to building relationships with the animals he works with.

Sebastien is highly experienced working with fearful and reactive dogs which he has gained from shadowing Cassandra in multiple behaviour modification training sessions. He has worked hands on with many dogs struggling with behavioural issues when he was our head dog walker from 2020 to 2022.

Sebastien offers drop-in visits and in-home pet sitting.

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